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VerPlank Electric, Inc. always begins with a clear and detailed estimate to ensure that you know what you are receiving. Our Attention to Detail continues from start to finish.

New Construction & Remodeling

We work with many local builders and remodelers, as well as home and business owners who do their own general contracting.

Service Upgrades

Many area homes and businesses still have outdated Service equipment, such as fuseboxes or older circuit breaker panels without proper service disconnecting means. If you still have a fusebox, or if your Service panel is overloaded or outdated, give us a call. We are experts in upgrading Services and will simplify and clean up the “heart” of your home wiring system.

General Repairs

This is probably the most common service we provide. Our service vehicles are fully stocked and can handle most repairs in one trip. Whether you are looking to install new lighting, outlets or appliances. Give us a call.

Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Wiring

Need your new hot tub connected? We work with a number of local pool construction contractors wiring in-ground, above-ground swimming pools and hot tubs.

Generator Transfer Switch Wiring

Many people think that after a power failure, they can hook up their portable generator to their house panel, flip a few breakers around and they are good-to-go.

There is only one way to back feed power into your home with a portable generator, and that involves a transfer switch or mechanical interlock. We can set you up with a safe way to use your generator, and not put people’s lives and equipment in danger.

Home Theater Wiring & Home Automation

When you are ready to upgrade from that old TV set to an HDTV experience, we can help you with that too. Whether you want to hang the TV on a wall or add some sound or video components, give us a call.

Many home automation devices require a professional electrical connection before they can be connected to your network. Give us a call.

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